“What Was Supposed to be Our Alternate Universe”

Sometimes it takes looking at someone and conceptualizing that person to truly understand something about your own identity. Whether this be learning of a TV show that changes your life or helping to realize your own sexuality through a role model’s coming out. That is one of the most incredibly powerful things about fiction: it … More “What Was Supposed to be Our Alternate Universe”

“A Confusing Cascade of Living Color”

What happens when your identity seems to fundamentally alter itself, when you’ve been calling yourself one thing for so long but then realize you may no longer be that word with which you’ve previously labeled yourself as? That’s one of the chief explorations of Josh Sundquist’s Love and First Sight. It’s the story of Will, … More “A Confusing Cascade of Living Color”

“Who Would I Be if I Didn’t Live in a World that Hated Women?”

Over spring break, I was lucky enough to be in New York to explore the city and look for jobs. Among the rushing cabs, bright lights, and swarms of people, I felt so small, oftentimes overwhelmed, and sometimes unsafe. A lot of those feelings were because of my gender—particularly when thinking of my safety in … More “Who Would I Be if I Didn’t Live in a World that Hated Women?”

“Burning Angry Anxious Fire Inside”

CW: Discussions of Violence, Abusive Relationships, and Suicide. — What is the line between romance—or romanticization of ideals—and horror? Is there a secret line in our society that we cross over between finding something beautiful and finding something horrifying. Many modern thrillers that I’ve read this year have come toe-to-toe with that notion. I know … More “Burning Angry Anxious Fire Inside”

“Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers in that Quiet Earth”

Over break, I had an argument with my brother in which he argued that Jane Austen and all of the Brontës were effectively the same. He was joking, but I got really upset about the whole argument. Upset is a bit of an understatement. I was furious, honestly, even though I knew, on some level, … More “Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers in that Quiet Earth”

“That’s different. That’s fantasy. That’s…”

There’s been a lot of discussion lately of the point of literature in a time like this, a time when so many people feel afraid and alone. I’m not just talking politically, but in general, people are afraid. I’ll be the first to admit that there was a good chunk of time recently when I … More “That’s different. That’s fantasy. That’s…”