“The World Rebuilt Itself into a Better Place Around Him”

It’s about time that we talked about Rainbow Rowell on this blog. This post is long overdue, because she’s one of my favorite voices in YA right now. (Confession time: I haven’t read all her stuff. I’m currently working to remedy that.) However, what I’ve read of read of her stuff has utterly blown me … More “The World Rebuilt Itself into a Better Place Around Him”

“Their Entitlement is Not Aspirational; It’s Nostalgic”

I’ll admit, I’m the first one to make a joke about the privilege of straight, white men. (I’ll also be the first to admit that as a straight, white woman, I have a huge amount of privilege myself.) However, I still never pass up the chance to throw out a joke manspreading or mansplaining. It’s … More “Their Entitlement is Not Aspirational; It’s Nostalgic”

“the inexpressible is contained—inexpressibly!—in the expressed”

Published in 2015, Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts is a genre-bending novel that follows Nelson’s life with her partner, Harry[1], and her struggle to represent their nuptial. Over the course of the novel, we follow Nelson’s early days with Harry, thepregnancy and birth of their child, and her struggle to write of all these events when … More “the inexpressible is contained—inexpressibly!—in the expressed”

“To Leave You”

I’m not one to reread books that often. Especially classic literature, which becomes part of this weird mental checklist that I try to get through to feel “cultured.” Maybe I’m a bad English major in this regard, but when I’ve read a book for class, I have to really truly love it to then read … More “To Leave You”